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Craig Richardson: A Mix Between Bryan Cranston & Sam Elliott

I’m a professional voice actor who delivers a powerful masculine sound in a natural, convincing, neutral, and authentic manner.  I’m available for ads, audiobooks, online educational content, videos, and any voice-over project. 

I was born and raised in the Boston area and went to College in Maine. Prior to my senior year, I worked on a U.S. Senate race and was bitten by the political bug. After college, I did my first of two swings through the nation’s capital when I headed to Washington to work for one of the national campaign committees. I returned to Boston in late 1986 and worked for a regional advertising and public relations firm. In 1990, I returned to D.C. to work for a national public affairs firm. In 1992, I started my own public relations business with a partner and after a decade, we merged our business with a larger public affairs firm. A year later I returned to self-employment.

Shortly before the 2008 subprime meltdown, I got my real estate license and navigated these tumultuous times as an agent. I returned to public policy and public relations in 2012 and in 2013 I took over an energy policy organization as executive director and then president. I moved to eastern Tennessee in late 2021, after launching my latest business, Look Rock Communications, and I formalized my voice acting service offering. With nearly 40 years of professional experience in communications, I bring tremendous strategic vision and expertise to the table.

"Craig’s unique in that he can see the big picture in any campaign as well as delivering a read in a practical and detailed way. He’s an excellent project manager who gets his voice overs done on-time and under budget."
Debbie Tomlinson
President, Inside the Vatican Pilgrimages​
“I enjoy working with Craig because he understands what I need almost before I even finish explaining the project to him. I like referring him to others since I know he’ll do a professional job, which reflects well on me.”
Stefanie Stark
Fundraising Consultant
"When we needed a voice actor for our Ukraine project, Craig was the perfect fit. He has a professional and strong masculine sound and he also has the versatility of delivering a powerfully compassionate voice over."
Jessica Zapra
Friends of Ukraine Project Coordinator

Contact Me!

I offer personalized service, and can provide a competitive bid on any project you need professionally completed.  E-mail, call, or complete the form to the right.  I look forward to hearing from you.